Cold water storage tanks feed all manner of supplies to buildings including kitchens and bathrooms so it stands to reason that the water that comes from them needs to be in a clean and hygienic condition. Poor maintenance of a water tank will encourage bacteria to grow inside the system, such as Legionella.

Tanks need to be inspected on an annual basis to ensure that the lid is well fitting, no contaminant such as birds or other anaimals have got into it and that the water inside has no sediment or pin mould. Additionally, the tank itself is checked to see that it hasn’t deteriorated and that the ball valve is in good working order, that the inlet and outlet are functioning correctly and that the water is turning over sufficiently to remain fresh. Lagging of pipework is also checked because insufficient lagging can have an adverse effect of the temperature of the stored water. Temperature and flow are the two key drivers of Legionella bacteria growth.

The benefits of regular tank maintenance mean that all contamination can be dealt with as a proactive preventative measure rather than it turning into a serious health risk.

If issues are found the tank may need to be drained down, cleaned and disinfected then refilled and recommissioned. If Legionella has travelled further into the water system then it will be necessary to clean and disinfect the entire water supply.

Legionella Management Solutions use specialist cleaning equipment which enables us to clean and chlorinate tanks in a timely manner, meaning that we can refill and commission them ready for use with minimal disruption. Legionella Management Solutions will ensure that your tanks are compliant with all water regulations.